Casualties handled as a Consultant

2022On siteSCORPIO HONOR, PhilippinesGrounding. Salvage consultant for H&M
2021On siteAMBITION JOURNEY, PhilippinesCaretaking, Owners representative
2021On siteAMBITION JOURNEY, PhilippinesGrounding, Special casualty representative
2021RemoteARVIN, TurkeySunk, total loss, Consultant for P&I
2021RemoteMARGRETHE FIGHTER, SwedenSunk, total loss, Consultant for P&I
2020RemoteHADASSAH T2, NigeriaCollision, Consultant for P&I
2020RemoteORION 1, GermanyCrane incident, Consultant for P&I
2020On siteROYAL 18, Hong KongCollision, consultant for P&I and H&M
2020RemoteAMITIS 1, IndiaLost anchors, Consultant for P&I
2020RemoteMAINSTREAM VI, ChileWreck removal, Consultant for P&I
2020RemoteATLANTIC EMPERORLoss of tow, Consultamt for P&I
2020RemoteHWA GWO No 6, Yap Island MicronesiaGrounding, Consultant for P&I
2020RemoteGEO SEARCHER, Gough IslandSunk, total loss, Consultant for P&I
2020RemoteAUSTRALIS 27, ChileWreck removal, Consultant for P&I
2019On site/RemoteM/V FERRYSIDE 1, Hong KongSunk. Wreck removal consultant for Hongkong Salvage and Towage
2019On siteM/T AULAC FORTUNE, Hong KongExplosion/fire. Salvage consultant, P&I and H&M
2019RemoteM/T NU SHI NALINI, IndiaExplosion/fire. Salvage consultant, P&I
2019RemoteF/V JUN RONG, Falkland IslandsFire, Salvage consultant, P&I
2019On siteM/V OU YA LENG 6, Marshall IslandsGrounding, Salvage consultant, H&M
2019On siteM/V ARUANGWA, MozambiqueGrounding, Salvage consultant, H&M
2019RemoteM/V HTK HOPE, South China SeaFlooded engine room, Salvage Consultant, P&I
2019On siteM/V SRI LANKA GLORY, Sri LankaGrounding, Salvage consultant, P&I
2019RemoteM/V SOLARTE, South AfricaFlooded cargo hold, Salvage consultant, P&I
2019RemoteF/V JIN YUAN, MauritiusFire,Salvage consultant, P&I
2019On siteM/V CRYSTAL SEA, Papua New GuinesGrounding, Salvage consultant, H&M
2019On siteM/T NU SHI NALINI, IndiaGrounding, Assistant Salvage Master
2018RemoteM/V CF CRYSTAL, ChinaCollision, Salvage Consultant P&I
2018On siteM/V FLOURISHEVER, ChinaGrounding, sunk, wreck removal. Special Casualty representative
2018On siteM/V FLOURISHEVER, ChinaGrounding, sunk, wreck removal. Wreck removal consultant for P&I
2018On siteM/T NU SHI NALINI, IndiaExplosion/fire. Special Casualty representative
2018RemoteM/V EVANGELIA M, IndiaGrounding. Salvage consultant, P&I
2017On siteM/V YANGTZE LEGEND, EgyptGrounding. Salvage Consultant P&I and H&M
2017On siteM/V CLIA, TaiwanGrounding. Salvage Consultant P&I and H&M
2017On siteM/V YANGTZE HARMONY, South China SeaFlooded engine room, Salvage Consultant P&I and H&M
2017On siteM/V YU HAI 1, Hong KongSunk, Wreck removal Consultant P&I
2017RemoteM/V KEA TRADER, New CaledoniaWreck removal Consultant for Grand Ocean Williams Hong Kong
2016On siteM/V SEA LORD, ChinaGrounding. H&M consultant
2016On siteM/V GODESS SANTOSH DEVI, ChileGrounding. H&M consultant
2016On siteM/V NGOC SON, MaldivesGrounding. Special Casualty representative
2015On siteSemisub SEDCO 709, ChinaFlooding/Heavy trim. P&I salvage consultant
2014On siteM/V HANSA CONSTITUTION, Hong KongFor H&M. Grounding due to black out. Investigation
2014On siteM/V GREAT QIN, Dominican RepublicFor owners P&I. Grounding. Monitoring the refloating operation
2014On siteM/V ASIAN EMPIRE, Pacific/ChinaFire. SCOPIC. Appointed as Special Cargo Representative
2014On siteM/V SAMSKIP AKRAFELL, IcelandGrounding. SCOPIC. P&I salvage consultant